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Don’t Walk Away Before Your Harvest Is Ready… 

Remember the parable of the growing seed? The one Jesus Christ told His disciples in Mark 4:26-29? 

Where He said: 

“The kingdom of God is like a man who scatters seeds on the ground. He sleeps and gets up night and day while the seeds sprout and grow, although he doesn’t know how the ground produces grain by itself—FIRST THE STALK, then THE HEAD, then the FULL GRAIN in the head. But when the grain is ripe, he immediately starts cutting with his sickle because the harvest time has come.”

One truth about us humans is that a lot of us have very little patience. We want what we want and we want it now. We expect that once we do the “needful”, the results should roll in all at once. But God doesn’t deal with us that way all the time. Our God is a God of time and principle and He has the sovereignty to grow us any way He deems fit. 

There are a lot of lessons to learn from the above passage. First is the fact that every seed we sow will bring forth a harvest, no matter what kind of seed. Second thing to note is this: just because we don’t reap a harvest today, doesn’t mean the harvest will never come. Third thing to note is that a little flower won’t always remain a little flower. If what you see today is less than what you anticipated, exercise some patience because the bigger harvest is right on its heels! And when it shows up, no one will be able to deny the fact that the harvest is ready! Fourth thing is you don’t go about worrying whether or not your harvest will come or how it will come. As long you have done what needs to be done, allow nature do its part! Only have an attitude of expectation and thanksgiving. 

When we apply this principle to real life, we find out that our lives become more pleasant, when we see a “stalk”, we wouldn’t despise it simply because we know the “head” will come, followed by “the full grain in the head” until our harvest is ripe and we begin to cut it. 

So yeah, even if you’ve had several miscarriages in the past, thank God for the fact that you are even capable of getting pregnant! If your current job isn’t your ideal job, thank God for the fact that you are employable because some others out there can’t even land a simply interview or even scale through a recruitment process. 

Don’t pull out the stalk or the head just because it wasn’t the full grain you were expecting right away. Instead of murmuring because of the little or nothing you have right now, be glad that the bigger harvest is coming!  

I hope this helps? 
P.S you can fine-tune yourself to recognize an impending harvest by walking constantly with the Holy Spirit. This way you’ll prepare your heart and mind to receive what’s meant for you. 


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